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Does anyone still use this?

I have recently returned to LJ, but most of my friends have disappeared and my journal feels lonely so I am looking for some new people to interact with.

I am 40 years old, female, married, child-free, atheist (but try to be respectful of other religions), pansexual, poly-ish, vegetarian (would like to be vegan, but dang it's hard), kind of lazy, animal-lover, nice person...

I keep my life and my LJ drama-free.  It's not always angst-free, though, as I am frequently prone to depression and will sometimes use my journal as an outlet for that.  I'm generally a positive person, though.  Most of my posts these days have to do with gay stuff (I'm kind of obsessed with movies and books about m/m relationships), anime, or other geeky interests.  I'm kind of child-like in a way, I guess, so I seldom find people around my age who I can really relate to.  I'm open to befriending people of any age, though.

My interests include:
- anime
- manga
- yaoi
- reading (mostly fiction)
- fantasy
- sci-fi
- Doctor Who & Torchwood
- Star Wars
- art
- movies
- video games
- music (particularly alternative)
- animals (I have dogs, cats, and rabbits)
- making lists  ;P

So, if you're interested, comment here or on my journal somewhere.  Thanks for reading & nice to meet you!  :)

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