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Bisexual Female

hey, my name is Charlene. I am 26 and seeking some more likeminded friends. I am bisexual and have been out since I was 13. I guess you could consider me psychobilly although I listen to some pop and dance music too and my "style" varies a lot. I have a mohawk, four tattoos and my nose pierced. I live in New Orleans, but am originally from Los Angeles. I have schizophrenia and am heavily into the occult and spirituality. A lot of my posts are about my life, random pontifications of mine, pictures, spirituality, telepathy, astral projection, reincarnation, religions (I am spiritual, not religious), etc. I just reopened an LJ account after years of being absent, so I don't have many posts right now. I can be politically incorrect and perhaps offensive at times; so please be aware of that before you add me. I don't like overly sensitive people. They annoy me because I am a joker. I tease people about shit. Oh, and I curse like a sailor. I am a Libertarian. I love animals and nature. I have worked with animals for about ten years. My favorite things to do include reading, going on hikes and trails and going to museums. I enjoy intellectual individuals. I'm an English Major and an Anthropology minor. I'm well traveled; I wouldn't mind some international friends. Anyways, I have been with both men and women about an equal amount. I tend to prefer women more, and I also prefer a bisexual man over a hetero one. You'll probably see me making posts about such matters and I'd love your input. Here's some pictures so that you can get an idea of what I look like...image
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