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Hi, finally possibly a community that somewhat active I hope that may finally understand me.So here it goes with an introduction. Please ignore the fact I'm hyped up on Monster and coke (pop).

My names Ollie (it's not short for anything surprisingly), I'm 30 living in Chicago I'm a straight demisexual, hopefully since this  a GLBT community I don't have to explain much. But I'll put it in a way that I saw the coolest shirt ever, "My anaconda might want some after we've establighed an itimate connection hun." Meaning I feel sexual attraction but it doesn't come as easy as other people might have, it takes a lot of invest me. I do have an amazing wife, supportive wife who I actually met by nearly killing with a rogue frisbee though, and a daughter on the way (so go fiure).

I'm an alternative/goth model, and freelance photographer, I don't really have a preference for what I do, nor stick to a genere of what I do, like a lot of people don't even mind doing boudoir every now and then. When I'm not working, I'm an old school gammer, I love Mario, and I do sleep with Yoshi plushies (my wife has to deal with that isn't she lucky haha!), I also big on free running/parkour. I fell in love when I was 15 in France. That stuff is amazing I think maybe it's what killed my sexual attraction (I'm joking). If you haven't guessed It I like playing frisbee as well, it's unique to go to the park and play frisbee, I just didn't know I'd throw my frisbee the wrong way the day i met her is all.

I also love heavy metal, what a surprise huh? Nah, some of my favorite bands are Amaranthe, Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, Bathory, Iron Maiden, and Nightwish. But I've been getting into 90's rock/altrnative lately, and annoying my wife, I think it's great to bother her with Spotify's 90's music hence why I found the shirt I saw with the Sir Mix A lot saying when I was awake in case she needed me.

I think that covers everything. Though I'm going to warn you because I do stay awake because I have that feeling that my wife may need me at night and I feel writing in a journal will keep me awake, I may bore the heck out people. You may get annoyed quickly but I don't mind having friends. So see ya. Peace and rock on \m/

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