journey (anandrine) wrote in addme_glbt,

hello! :)

about me: 27, female. texas-raised, living in boston. i have a wife and we have three darling spoiled kitties. i am a virgo/libra cusp, an enfj/entp, and ravenclaw/slytherin--yes, i am always on the cusp of everything; i am vast, i contain multitudes. i work full time as an executive assistant, am currently job searching for something new, and this spring will re-start part-time classes to finish my degree (women's studies).

things i like and/or post about:
salem wgna, criminal minds, sailor moon, gone girl, harry potter;
reading, dumb book summaries and reviews, ya fiction;
occasionally i get into games like twine and life is strange;
social justice, radical feminism, gender things, lesbians, vegetarianism;
my pets, my job, icons/graphics, my hobby handmaking perfumes.

things i like to see on my flist:
other lesbians or women who love women!;
femslash, once upon a time, elementary, merlin bbc, mlp:fim;
daily life, amusing work stories, your creative hobbies;
occult/witchy interests, other ~alternative~ stuff;
stories about your pets!;
opinions, politics.

things i'm not super crazy about, but are fine in moderation:
supernatural, doctor who, marvel/dc;
recreational drug use;
boyfriends/husbands, pregnancy, (young) children.

my journal is mostly friends only (though there are a couple public posts); as a result, if i don't add you back, it's not because you don't seem cool, i'm just really trying to build a flist i'll get to know and really click with! ♥
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